Sometimes we are so worried to fit in society, to be part of a group and to belong somewhere that we do everything in our capabilities to not be ´that person´ that stays behind or is always left outside the group. We fear to be misunderstood if we show our emotions and our true feelings so we keep them to ourselves. If you don´t say out loud what you feel or think, you avoid the risk of being ridiculed and you protect your vulnerability. We end up doing the same things every day, over and over again, although we feel it´s not what we want to do. We stay with the same person because once we said we were going to be together forever, even though we feel it´s not right anymore and we both have grown in different directions. We´re afraid of criticism, being judged by other people, so we stick to what we´re used to and we won´t be exposed to negative judgement.
When you surpass this fear of judgement and start doing whatever it is that you feel you should be doing, you will feel liberated. You will see that the right people and the opportunities to change your destiny will come onto your path all at the right time. You will have new friendships, new opinions, new social life circles and a clearer vision of what you´re life should look like. You won´t worry about the negative opinions of other people anymore because you know that what you´re doing is the right thing to do. Above all, you will meet like-minded people that will understand your vision, even though before you thought you were all alone in this. Actually, you are never alone and everything that you´re feeling has been felt by someone else as well. Maybe you haven´t met those people yet but they will cross your path sooner or later and you´ll understand the natural energetic connections and alignment of your soul and you´re life´s path. When you get to that point, there is no turning back, neither do you ever want to go back because you understand that it has all been a very important life lesson that brought you to the place you´re at now.

Be diverse, be you, we learn and grow all the time, don´t fear the unknown and flow with life.

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