Unconditional love

I’ve had my fair share of relationships in this life and now I’m done with accepting unhealthy and destructive relationships. I am changing my perspective on relationships right now. First of all, a healthy relationship starts with the relationship I have with myself, respecting myself, loving myself and doing the things I love to do and bring joy to my life. I don’t have any restrictions that take away my liberty of growth and self-development. I will and shall never again cut my own wings to fly. I fly to wherever I want to go and as high as I want to go. The person that is prepared to fly with me is more than welcome and shall be received with love and compassion. The wings of that person shall be just as strong as my own so we can both have the liberty to grow wherever we need to grow to.

Us people are like trees, we have so many different roots and our branches grow in different directions. Sometimes our leafs fall down and new leafs will grow, bright and green and more beautiful than ever. This cycle will continue all of our life, so we shouldn’t be scared of change but instead embrace it with our arms wide open.

A relationship between two people should be like a wooden boat on a calm river. The river helps the boat, with the flow of the water, to get to its destination and the calmness of its current makes sure it gets there safely. If the boat decides it wants to go in a different direction, it shall use its oars and the current of the water will help her get to the other direction. The other way around, the boat will never stop the water from flowing and the river shall always be able to flow in its own direction. There is a harmony, an understanding and an agreement between the boat and the river. Both have the ability to flow in their own directions and neither will stop the other from going anywhere.

Restrictions in a relationship prevent personal growth because you are not giving the freedom that one needs. In a true harmonious and loving relationship that consists of unconditional love, there is no room or need for jealousy, cheating, anger, or hate because you fully respect each other and you enjoy your freedom so much in the relationship you have that you would never risk losing this unconditional love. You love seeing the other grow and encourage the other to do what his/her heart desires. In a relationship with unconditional love there won’t be any cheating because you get the space you need to grow which avoids the desires of being with someone else. You respect that freedom so much that you know and you feel that you would be cheating on yourself if you would cheat on your other half. You would break that connection so pure and intense you have and that’s something you don’t ever want to happen.

Unconditional love is freedom, truth and comprehension.

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