Spiritual awakening

I remember I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night, it was all dark around me and my ex-husband was asleep next to me. I felt something I never felt before passing within my body. I felt an intense energy starting at my root chakra and flowing through my whole body, first going up to my head and then back down to my feet and it kept flowing so strongly that I couldn’t lie still. I didn’t have a clue about what was going on but it felt as a relieve, it felt good and I could feel an intense love for everyone and everything. I could see a bright white light shining and I felt as if I was a part of that white light, it felt peaceful.

The days leading up to this particular experience was a preparation that I wasn’t consciously aware of. Three days before it happened, I was meditating on my bed and suddenly felt a sense of energy coming from the palms of my hands. It was as if I was holding a little ball but there was nothing on my hands or near my hands. You could compare the sensation with a tingling, tickling feeling as if your hands are freezing and now they just started to get warm again. The thing is, I wasn’t freezing, neither cold, neither warm and I suddenly started feeling that energy in my hands. Once I realized I wasn’t crazy and I was really feeling an energy I started to feel very thankful and happy with the gift that was waking up.

I told my friend, who is a holistic therapist, and she told me it was something really good because the energy in the hands are the energy lines of giving. I was given the gift of healing people through the universal energy.

The next day during meditation I suddenly felt the same sense of energy on the soles of my feet. So now I could feel it in my hands and I could feel it in my feet. There came a huge sensation of gratitude over me as I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmingly happy with the changes happening in my body. It was a confirmation that there is more to life than just the materialistic way of living.

On the third day I was coloring a mandala and suddenly felt the sense of energy on the top of my head flowing in and out. I started feeling as if I was high on drugs, merely dizzy but a comfortable dizziness, not scary as if you’re going to faint. That’s when I realized this was something bigger and the energy lines were just opening up one by one. I went to sleep that night feeling calm, grateful for the changes and didn’t think about anything else.

That night I had my spiritual awakening, without knowing what a spiritual awakening is and my whole life changed.

I felt overwhelmed with energy, so peaceful but also as if I could run a whole marathon without having done any training. I didn’t know what to do with that energy and I didn’t know where it came from either. I went to see my friend and she did a therapy session to calm the energy down. I was lucky to have someone like her, otherwise I wouldn’t have known how to deal with it at that moment. The most interesting was that all my pains were gone, the hip injury I had for more than eight years was painless. It was as if all ailments had left my body and I got a reset to start over again.

From this moment on, I have been able to do healing sessions with people through energy and whenever I do a healing session, I get information that I need to pass on to that person. I can’t stop but be amazed by this gift that has woken up in me and have been developing on a daily basis. I started doing healing sessions nearby and at a distance, with friends that live in other cities or other countries and they claimed to have gotten better. I am so grateful for this gift and I know there are so many people around the world that carry this gift with them. They only need to wake up their consciousness and they can start healing themselves and others as well. We need all of us to do this so we can heal mother earth because she’s hurting, she’s bleeding and we as a human species are responsible for that. So are we for her healing.

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