Leave those bags behind

I deserve the best of the best. I deserve the most beautiful of the most beautiful because I am worthy and I value myself enough to allow abundance and positivity in my life.

We don’t say these words enough to ourselves and far too often we victimize ourselves. It’s important to  realize that we make our own decisions and we decide where we lead our lives too. If we take on the victim role and feel sorry for ourselves, keep crying about our past and not letting it go, we shall never encounter a fulfilling life.

Yes, we’ve made mistakes, yes we’ve been treated poorly, yes we’ve been in painful and traumatic situations but that doesn’t mean we need to carry that weight with us the rest of our lives. On the contrary, that didn’t happen to us to be carried around until the day we die, instead it happened to us to get some valuable lessons out of it. We should carry these lessons with us but the baggage has to be left behind. Leave that bag, with love and compassion in a natural habitat and let mother nature help you to clean it up. She knows what to do and how to do it, you just have to trust her with it and make sure you don’t keep any piece of what’s left in that bag.

When you left it behind and asked mother nature to clean it up, you should take the time to forgive yourself. There is no need to wait for forgiveness of other people, you can apologize to them but it’s up to them if they forgive you and that is for their own best interest. You forgiving yourself is in your own best interest and nobody else can do that for you. It’s the acceptance of your past life situation and the acknowledgement that you have the power in your hands to make the best out of your current life situation. Today is not yesterday, today is not tomorrow, today is right now and right now is a fresh new start and it can be exactly the way you want it to be.

Nobody is responsible for your emotions, you choose how you feel and you choose how to react, nobody else does that for you. Be conscious about that and make the right choices, live in a positive environment and surround yourself with positive energy. Be a beacon of light filled with positive energy for others as well, so they too can learn to be positive and live a fulfilling life.

Lets uplift each other and recognize how blessed we are to be living on this beautiful planet Earth.

Share love, share compassion and share light.

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