Dream ?


I’m in an empty room, it’s dark outside and I can see the moonlight shining through the window. I’m sitting on the cold floor, made from rocks and dirt, covered with twigs and leafs. Looking at the window I notice that the wooden shelf has various cracks in it. The first crack I see is small and has the shape of a lightning in the dark sky. It reminds me of the first time I fell of my bike and I got back up to try again, not surrendering to defeat. That fire burning inside of me to achieve the goal I set was and has always been my driving motor and I shall never allow it to be turned off.

Suddenly I feel some tingling sensation on the skin of my arm, starting at the wrist, going up little by little. I look down to my arm and see a spider walking with his eight legs up to my shoulder. With curiosity I look at its beautiful colors that reflect in the sunlight. It has a blue back with a yellow head and it’s paws are long and black with tiny hairs on it. Somehow I feel a deep connection with the spider, as if it’s trying to tell me something.

Suddenly a memory pops into my head, I see myself as a little girl running to the other side of the room because a big spider was on the wall. I screamed for my brother to help me but he wasn’t home, nobody was home, I was alone, nobody could help me. I had to do it myself but I didn’t have the courage to kill the spider. So I remember my mother using a glass and a paper to take spiders out of the house. Armed with a glass and paper, with a lot of care and fear at the same time, I put the glass on top of the spider and slide the paper under it. The  spider was now inside the glass, I walked downstairs and then to the garden as quickly as possible and released him outside.

Now I understand the connection with the spider, it’s telling me I’ve overcome my fears with the memory being the first step, doing it myself. Now I just let the spider walk on me, without fear or panic, feeling a curiosity about its structure, its colors and its paws. With my hand I take it of my arm and walk up towards the window. I put it on the wooden window shelf and I thank her for her company.

While I’m at the window I see a falling star across the beautiful sky, I put my hands together and I make a wish. In my thoughts I say the next words:

“Let the world be at peace, let this planet be a place where humans can live in harmony with mother nature and its animals. Let technology be a tool and not a necessity, let status disappear and let us find a new way of living so we can have equality for everyone. Everyone and every living thing has the same value and the same opportunities. Let our lives be ruled by love, light and positivity.”

As I open my eyes an owl appears in front of me, with bright yellowish big round eyes, looking straight at mine. “When did I open that window ?” I feel the cold breeze of the wind outside, on my face, waking my senses. The owl has white, brown and gray feathers and a small orange beak and suddenly starts picking at my fingers. It wasn’t picking in an aggressive way, it just touched my fingers slightly, it wasn’t painful and it seemed he wanted to show me something. When he stopped picking my fingers I passed my hand over his head and felt the soft touch of its feathers. At that very moment I felt an energy boost going from my hand through my body and out of my head. Automatically my eyes closed and all I could see was a bright white light. I felt completely at peace without a worry in the world. When I opened my eyes again I could see the owl flying away disappearing in the darkness in between the trees. In my heart I thanked him for his visit and for passing on his healing powers.

Walking away from the window I sit down on the floor again but it doesn’t feel cold anymore. It’s warm and I feel a pleasant heat flowing into my body warming me from head to toe. I close my eyes again, breathing profoundly and calm, feeling at peace. That state of peace takes me into a deep sleep.

Without an idea of how much time has passed I open my eyes and I look around, I’m lying in my soft bed and this bright orange yellowish light from the sun is shining into my room. There is a wooden closet in my room and I have flowers on the bed stand. It is not the same room I was in before and on the wall is a clock pointing at 07:07.

It was all a dream.

Or was it?

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