Be like a tree

Be more like a tree, with your roots grounded deep into the earth growing whichever way it needs to grow. Not being obstructed by anything that’s around it but growing freely, slowly and in harmony with its surroundings. Using the water from the rain that pours over its branches and leafs to nurture itself. Open to the sunshine to feed off from the photosynthesis and give oxygen back to the planet. Changing with each season, leafs growing and falling, flowers growing, blooming and falling in a continuous cycle. It just lets everything flow naturally.

If we take an example from trees and let our life’s flow more naturally and not be influenced by society’s expectations, we’d be a lot happier. There would be a lot less stress and people would react friendlier to each other. We would understand that life is changing constantly and that it’s part of our evolutional cycle and we should embrace that instead of fighting against it.

Be more open, receive that energy from the sun, from the water and then give back to earth to show your gratitude for what you have received. There is no need to work eight or more hours a day just to pay your bills. If you’d work less and have more free time, you’d be able to really enjoy life and find out what life is really about. Life isn’t about work, it’s about living, connection, socializing, discipline, learning and understanding. We’re here to keep on evolving ourselves in all kinds of ways possible. To be able to evolve we need to stand close to ourselves, connect with our inner selves and not just our ego, the name we’ve gotten and this character we’ve created. If you really want to understand life, or yourself, you should take the time to be with yourself. Take the time to spend time alone, in nature, in the sea, at the park or the woods and just start to really listen and feel yourself.

Be open to your creativity, recognize you are a creative being that always wants to produce in one or the other way. Let yourself be and follow that deep feeling you have inside to start this or that. Conquer your fears of doing things differently and do what feels right for you. We are all different people, nobody is alike, not even twins are exactly the same although they have the same DNA. This is because we all have something valuable to share with the rest of the world, we all have our own talents and we need to be open to discover what our talents are. First and most important is to start with what you love to do and then you’ll find out naturally what you should really be doing with your life. Make sure you are living the life you love and that it adds value to others as well.

Always remember, you are sharing this earth with billions of other human beings and animals. We should all be able to profit from one another so we can thrive as a human species and not individually. We are a collective.

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