About me

My name is Lisanne van der Molen, I was born and raised in the Netherlands and moved to Peru at age 24.

I’ve always been into sports, played football, did karate, gymnastics, competed at every sports competition at school, did wing chun, crossfit, functional training, kickboxing, k1, muay thai, skydiving and just started learning jiu jiutsu and krav maga.

I’ve had many different jobs in my life as I started working at 14 years old and was taught from a young age to be independent. I’ve worked at markets, a jewelry shop, supermarkets, call centers and kickboxing and muay thai gyms. I studied to become a primary school teacher when I first came into contact with the country I live in now, Peru. I was 20 when I did my first internship in Peru at a Dutch NGO working to improve the education in the city of Iquitos. The next year I got special permission to do my thesis at the same place and after that I decided I wanted to do a muay thai project and a reading project in Iquitos. By age 22 I graduated and started working as a primary school teacher at a school in the Netherlands. In the meantime I started my own NGO and by age 24 I had everything ready to move to Peru and start the projects. I did the projects for two years, which turned out very succesfull and then moved to Lima and became a national team muay thai athlete of Peru by age 26.

I competed for the national team for 3 years, became Panamerican champion each year, won the bronce medal at the world championships 2017 and held the belt of Chiang Mai Stadium in Thailand. I’ve lived in Thailand for about 7 months to compete and live as a fighter, with the help of some amazing sponsors like LatamReady and JoyaFightGear. In total I’ve been competing as a fighter for 13 years, as I started at 16 years old with kickboxing in the Netherlands.

I suffered depression from 14 till 19 years old and got out of it thanks to Reiki healing and guidance from a lovely woman in the Netherlands, combined with kickboxing and fighting. I’ve been through a toxic and abusive relationship and decided to choose for myself and keep being the happy person that enjoys life to the fullest.

I learned English, Spanish and Thai without any classes, I started my own NGO without any experience and always strive to become a better person and to keep growing, spiritually and mentally.

Now I’m a muay thai coach, yoga teacher, Reiki energy healer, Thai massage masseuse, project manager of NGO La Sonrisa, experience in plantbased nutrition and healthy diets, very intuitive and have lots of experience in guiding people to reach their goals and find their inner strength.

I base my therapies on personal life experience and experiences of other people that have confided in me to guide them.

What other people say

Meeting Lisa and being able to experience her talents including both her healing and Muay Thai sessions have been amazing.
Her intuitiveness is always accurate. She is also a great Muay Thai coach and I was able to learn so much from her in a small amount of time.

Nazzia Hassan

Very relaxing and spiritual

Yorman Rodriguez

From pregnancy to competitive level, lis will always give you what you need, very technical at muay thai and super pedagogy!

Anne-Sophie Fenet

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