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Enjoy nature and life

Maybe you have questions on certain topics, or you need advice on anything regarding your personal life’s situation. Maybe you need guidance in reaching your goals or working on your emotions, letting go of traumas or finding out why you act a certain way. Maybe you want to connect to your inner spirit and learn more about spirituality or you are already on that path but you’re getting a bit lost.

Maybe you feel perfect and you just want to exercise or you have a curiosity about muay thai, yoga, kickboxing and functional training through online interaction.

Whatever it is, you can contact me and we can make an appointment to work towards your personal growth.


Through live video sessions on Skype, Whatsapp or Messenger. If you prefer to stay anonymous and you only have questions you need answers on and it’s not necessary to by physically present, it’s possible to simply send an email.


I believe in the good of mankind and I believe that everybody deserves an equal chance. Therefore I will not put a price tag on the sessions.

Some people will be able to afford to pay a high amount and others will be able to pay a moderate amount and some will only be able to afford a very low amount. That’s why I want to give everybody the chance to pay for the sessions what they can afford. This means that every session will be paid through a donation paying the amount that you are able to afford and you think is worth it.

That way we get a win-win-win situation, you get your sessions for a price you can pay, someone else that normally can’t afford such sessions will be able to get a session thanks to the one that paid a higher amount and I will able to continue giving sessions making a living out of it. My goal is to help as many people as possible.

I trust every person that makes an appointment will pay a fair price according to their capabilities.


Mail: Womenmovement3@gmail.com

Facebook Messenger: Lisanne van der Molen

Whatsapp: +51947474966

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