Spiritual path

A beautiful three weeks have come to an end. It’s finally time to go back home and I am completely ready for it. I’m very content with the experiences I’ve had in the last couple of weeks. It was a journey of personal growth, lessons, teachings and most important of all, spending time with family. My goal was to reconnect the family’s bond and I think I’ve been able to do that. I did healings, consciously and unconsciously and I’m glad that the first one I did a healing on was my auntie. I really hope it helped her and she will be able to open up and continue on her spiritual path and awaken just as I did. I’ve seen many friends that are very close to the awakening and they are very interested in this spiritual path and I’m so happy to see that they are conscious that there is something more. It’s the only way to turn the tables around and make this earth a loving and peaceful place in which everything is treated with the same love and respect as it deserves.

The natural disasters happening right now are signs but so many people are blind to it and choose to be ignorant. Our life’s aren’t made to be focusing on materialism, instead, it’s about being one with the universe. We have to love each other, spend time with each other in real life, connect ourselves with mother earth and the rest of our solar system and even further than that. We have to connect with ourselves, our inner light, our truth, our soul deep within us and each of us has the capability to do that. We have to let go of our ego’s and understand that we aren’t what society, culture or our parent’s and generations before that have made us believe we are.

We are light

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