Dark forests

Sometimes we have to go through the dark forests although it scares us, although we do not want to enter. We see nothing but the giant trees and darkness in the background. You hear the sounds of owls, the howls of wolves and feel that there are snakes hanging from the trees and hiding in the bushes. We feel the danger everywhere and your whole feeling of safety is gone. Looking at the entrance of this forest we hear a voice shouting in our mind, “do not enter!”, “Stay on this side where you are safe because you do not know what can happen there.”

We often decide to stay on the safe side and not enter the dark forest. We don’t want to confront danger, we don’t want to feel alone, we don’t want to feel fear and that’s why we decide to stay where we are.

However, to grow and overcome your fears you have to feel your fears. To know that you can do things alone, you have to be alone. To know that you can deal with danger and defend yourself, you have to confront danger. If you are stuck and you no longer know where to go, you do not stay in the same place, enter the dark forest. In this forest we learn more about ourselves, in that darkness we learn how to find the light on the other side. Take the first step, cross the border and enter without looking back, keep walking. If you meet a hungry wolf, fight it and defend yourself. Don’t be afraid of him because you know that you can defend yourself if you want to defend yourself. If the road ends and you have to cross a river of frozen water to continue, do it. The cold does not kill you in an instant and following your path will warm you up again. If you are hungry because you ran out of food, keep walking and keep your eyes open to find something to eat. No matter how tired you are, no matter how much your body hurts, no matter how scared you feel, move on.

In the end you find the reward, reaching the other side of the forest, having passed all the obstacles. Coming out of the dark forest to the other side you find the light, you find your true friends and family who really love you. When leaving the forest you have learned that you can overcome any danger or difficulty. You learned that you can save yourself and you can take care of yourself. In there you learned that in the end you are never alone because there is always ‘something’ that is protecting you and warning you if there is danger. You learned that your intuition never fails you and now you know how to listen to it.

Now you know you are unique and you deserve self love.

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