It seems like such a negative emotion, but is it? What if we look at the upside of frustration instead of the downside. What causes you feeling frustrated?

I become frustrated when I hear the 100.000st story of a woman having been beaten up by her boyfriend or husband.

I become frustrated when men talk as if they have the right to decide what they want to do with a woman’s body.

I become frustrated when I hear another woman telling me how she’s been sexually abused as a child.

I become frustrated when another female friend of mine tells me how she’s been harassed for wearing a skirt.

I become frustrated when women are being told they shouldn’t go out alone because it’s dangerous.

I become frustrated that women are told to be careful with what they wear or where they go and that they have to hear it was their fault they’ve been raped.

I become frustrated when I hear the news another woman has been murdered.

I become frustrated when I see injustice on this planet.

This frustration though, gives me power, it gives me strength and above all it gives me motivation to start working and change this world. It motivates me to share my voice, share my thoughts, share my ideas and share my truth that I believe needs to be told.

It’s time to speak up, speak out, share, defend and protect. I’m not accepting any more violence against women without me doing something about this. I’m done with this.

No more

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