Feminine warrior

For so many centuries women have been oppressed. Not just women but many other entities such as races with a darker skin because white men decided those should be the minority. In this writing I want to focus particularly on the oppression of women in general, of any color, culture or race.

For some reason we’ve always gotten a certain role we should follow and we’re expected to act, dress and think according to that role. Since young girls we’re stripped off of our freedom and we’re told what to do. If a girl wants to play with a miniature truck or car, we are told those toys are for boys and that girls should play with dolls. The pink color is for girls and blue for boys, therefore we shouldn’t choose blue as our favorite color but pink instead.

We like to climb trees, jump over small rivers and take risks but usually we are told that it’s too dangerous for a girl so we shouldn’t do that. It’s not even just fathers that tell us that but mothers as well, as they are so far away from their true savage feminine self.

It’s actually simple brainwash that starts from the day you are born until the day you wake up and decide it’s enough and you want to listen to your inner self and do things differently. For some that comes at a late age, for others at a young age and there are those that never experience that wake up.

I must say that some places stick more to those patterns than others and it’s not the same everywhere but that women are still oppressed and have less rights than men is a fact in each country.

I strive for equality, I want that all women all over the world have the same rights, the same options, the same freedom and liberty as men do. That means that women should be allowed to express themselves just as they are, choose the kind of education they want to follow and not be manipulated by anyone to do things a certain way. We should all have freedom to make our own decisions and decide what is best for us. After all, we all have our intuition and know better than anyone what it is that we need and we should do. Someone else can’t tell us or know what is best for us, we all know that for ourselves. We should better be taught to listen to our intuition and follow our inner voice, so we can achieve great things and be examples for one another.

I’m lucky to have had that freedom to grow up exactly the way I felt I wanted to. I’ve been through so many different stages of being a very girly girl wearing skirts and making bracelets, to a boyish girl, playing football and climbing in trees. I remember when I started playing football I was literally the only girl in the whole club, so I had no other choice but to join a boys team. I didn’t mind though because I didn’t see the difference, I just wanted to play football and it didn’t matter whether it was with girls or boys. At that same age I wanted to learn karate, also considered a boys sport but I joined anyway. I played the drums, was a rapper wearing men’s clothes, a skydiver, a kickboxer and eventually a muay thai fighter and I traveled alone since the age of 17. All of these by society considered for men and not for women. My parents never told me I shouldn’t do something because it was for boys, I always had the liberty to choose what I enjoyed to do.

Since being a little girl I’ve always had the strong sense of showing that women are capable of doing the same things as men. That there shouldn’t be any difference in what we’re allowed to do just based on our gender. It’s something I have inside of me since the day I was born. It’s my inner self, my intuition, the warrior inside of me that has always been active and that each women carries inside of her. Let’s help each other to wake up that inner feminine warrior we carry inside.

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