Count the years of your life. How many people have you helped, selflessly during your lifetime? Have you helped at least one person for each year of your life?

You see, we came to this earth, not only for our self, but to fulfill a mission. We don’t know what our mission is most of the times but we do know that we live in a society with many other people. One thing should be very clear and that is that we’re supposed to be there for each other. We can’t be living like selfish people because when we do that we destroy everything around us.

Just be plain honest with yourself, how many people have helped you in some way? Have you really done everything on your own without help of any other person? Did you really make yourself successful all by yourself?

I don’t believe that, that’s bullshit.

Everybody you have met in your life have had an influence on the person you are today. Your parents, even if they treated you bad, your brothers or sisters even if they haven’t been loving and kind to you, your neighbors even if they woke you up early each morning with loud music, your classmates even if they bullied you and your teachers even if they would always be against you.

It doesn’t matter if the people you’ve met were supporting you or not, they had an influence on your life. They made you the person you are today and even if you don’t consider they’ve helped you, they actually did. It made you stronger, didn’t it? It made you consistent and perseverant in achieving your goals. It made you see how you don’t want to be and how you don’t want to treat others. The negative people that you’ve met in your life showed you exactly how life shouldn’t be and I sure hope you’ve learned your lessons from that. If you’ve become one of those people you’ve always disliked then you should ask yourself if you’re on the right path and whether or not you should start changing your attitude.

If you became successful despite all your past worries and hurtful experiences, you can be proud of that. But while you’re proud of your achievements, you should be helping someone else to achieve the same. You didn’t do it on your own, you had people around you that were helping you to achieve your goals. Remember you’ve always had that one friend that believed in you? You remember you’ve been accepted to that job by some person that didn’t even know you? You remember that day your friend gave you a ride home or invited you some food? You remember that person that rented you a place and never gave you a sweat of paying the rent on time?

Just remember the moments you’ve had help from someone, no matter how tiny that help might have seemed. Start appreciating the little things in life and each and every person that has crossed paths with you, no matter how insignificant it appears.

Us, as people, are a collective and even though, most of us, can’t see the energy around us, we influence each other with our energies. We all have our spirit guides that are guiding and protecting us to make sure we get on the right path. Ever heard something in your mind when you were about to do something, that you shouldn’t do it? But then you still did it and it turned out bad? Ever thought of doing anything but felt in your stomach that it wasn’t right? That’s your intuition giving you signs through the help of your guides. Open up to that intuition and start listening  because it always knows best.

Now, look around you and realize what is happening on the earth right now. You’re seeing how pollution levels have gone down in every country? Just because we’re all enclosed in our homes on lockdown. Doesn’t that make you realize that we’ve been living the wrong way, disconnected from nature and only focused on ourselves? Being locked up inside your houses, although many people still comfortable, makes you realize how horrible it is not to have freedom right? Yet we have so many animals locked up in cages, in zoos and tiny aquariums. Just like us, they have the capability to feel and are emotional beings, the only difference is they can’t talk with us to let us know how they feel. What’s the main activity of a bird? To fly. Yet we put them in tiny cages, so we have birds in our houses, stripping them completely off their natural abilities. What if someone taped your mouth and prohibits you to ever talk again? How would you feel?

Let’s become more conscious and make a huge change when all of this is over. Start helping other people and animals around you. Start contributing to mother nature and stop with pollution. You don’t need that second car, that new television or the tenth pair of jeans. We need to be producing less materials and more love and kindness.

So if you’re 26 years old and you’ve only helped 13 people during your lifetime, you should be starting to raise the amount of people you’ve helped. Let’s help each other to become successful people that care about our environment which includes the people and animals around us. If you see someone needs help, help them, give them a hand.

When there’s no more natural resources left, we’ll realize that we can’t eat money or materials. But when that happens, it’s already too late. Let’s make sure we don’t get to that point and start changing today.

It’s now or never.

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