Dream ?

I’m in an empty room, it’s dark outside and I can see the moonlight shining through the window. I’m sitting on the cold floor, made from rocks and dirt, covered with twigs and leafs. Looking at the window I notice that the wooden shelf has various cracks in it. The first crack I see isMeer lezen over “Dream ?”

Leave those bags behind

I deserve the best of the best. I deserve the most beautiful of the most beautiful because I am worthy and I value myself enough to allow abundance and positivity in my life. We don’t say these words enough to ourselves and far too often we victimize ourselves. It’s important to  realize that we makeMeer lezen over “Leave those bags behind”


So, we’re already six weeks in quarantine and I’ve felt many different emotions during those weeks. Six weeks, without a paid job, without being able to teach my students, without being able to meet friends or go to a restaurant. Some moments I feel frustrated, angry, sad and very curious about how things will goMeer lezen over “Quarantine”

University and schools

How many times someone hasn’t told me, they have no opportunities because they have not studied. In many conversations with young people they told me that they are not smart because they aren’t going to university. They tell me that they can’t do anything without studies because without it they lack the knowledge to doMeer lezen over “University and schools”


Count the years of your life. How many people have you helped, selflessly during your lifetime? Have you helped at least one person for each year of your life? You see, we came to this earth, not only for our self, but to fulfill a mission. We don’t know what our mission is most ofMeer lezen over “Selfmade?”

Spiritual awakening

I remember I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night, it was all dark around me and my ex-husband was asleep next to me. I felt something I never felt before passing within my body. I felt an intense energy starting at my root chakra and flowing through my whole body, first goingMeer lezen over “Spiritual awakening”