Life can be so complicated and at the same time it can be so easy. It actually completely depends on ourselves how complicated we make it. If we’re living out of fear for changes and always stay in the same spot, with the same problems, with the same emotional pain and with the same people we don’t allow ourselves to grow. We will keep feeling the pain of something that has happened 10 years ago while this shouldn’t be affecting us anymore. Today is a new day, it’s a new start, you get new energy and you should allow yourself to let go of past experiences. Holding on to it will only make you feel heavy, sad and disappointed in yourself. Don’t be afraid to take that step to a new life, a step to make a change and to leave all negative behind.

We’re so used to keep the same patterns in life, if we’ve entered and leaved relationships of abuse, it’s very probable we enter once again in a relationship of abuse because it’s familiar and we love familiarity even if it hurts us. The thing is to love yourself and allow yourself to be loved and break that so familiar pattern and open up to something completely new. Be conscious that you deserve to be loved, you deserve someone that treats you right and not someone that makes you feel bad or isn’t able to connect emotionally with you. First of all, love yourself and understand you don’t ‘need’ someone else to be happy, you can be happy by yourself and if you find someone you can share your happiness with, then go for it. And don’t think you’re ‘lucky’ when you find someone you can share that with because it has nothing to do with luck, it’s something that you deserve, it’s something all of us deserve, it’s our birth right to be loved and give love.

You see, when you open up to abundance, in any kind of way, love, happiness, economy, family, friends or work, you will see it will come on your path when the moment is right. You only have to seize the opportunities you get and don’t let it slip because you think you’re not good enough or no capable of doing this or that. You are capable, you can do it and if you want it you will make it. Trust in yourself, trust in your power, your intelligence and your intuition.

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