‘Zona de confort’

Escucho a muchas personas que me dicen que quieren hacer algo más con su vida. No están contentos con su situación actual, ni con su trabajo ni con su relación o circunstancias dentro de sus familias. Cuando les pregunto qué están haciendo para cambiar su situación, en realidad nunca tienen una respuesta. Solo escucho muchasMeer lezen over “‘Zona de confort’”

‘comfort zone’

I listen to many people telling me that they want to do something else with their life. They are not happy with their current situation, either with their job or their relationship or circumstances within their families. When I ask them what they are doing to change their situation they never really have an answer.Meer lezen over “‘comfort zone’”

Kambo medicine

So I tried Kambo medicine for the first time in my life. I didn’t plan for it, it just came on my path and this is how it happened: I did a tour where I met a guy and we started having a long conversation. During the conversation he mentioned Kambo medicine and ayahuasca. IMeer lezen over “Kambo medicine”

‘he will never be able to walk’

This guy down here is Luis and he became one of my muay thai students and he comes from the city Pisco in Peru. He stands out in my classes for his perseverance and motivation. He’s only in Lima once a week, he comes by nightbus, which means that he practically doesn’t sleep. The onlyMeer lezen over “‘he will never be able to walk’”