Count the years of your life. How many people have you helped, selflessly during your lifetime? Have you helped at least one person for each year of your life? You see, we came to this earth, not only for our self, but to fulfill a mission. We don’t know what our mission is most ofMeer lezen over “Selfmade?”

Guerrera femenina

Durante tantos siglos, las mujeres han sido oprimidas. No solo las mujeres, sino muchas otras entidades, como las razas con una piel más oscura porque los hombres blancos decidieron que deberían ser la minoría. En este escrito quiero centrarme particularmente en la opresión de las mujeres en general, de cualquier color, cultura o raza. PorMeer lezen over “Guerrera femenina”

Feminine warrior

For so many centuries women have been oppressed. Not just women but many other entities such as races with a darker skin because white men decided those should be the minority. In this writing I want to focus particularly on the oppression of women in general, of any color, culture or race. For some reasonMeer lezen over “Feminine warrior”

Spiritual awakening

I remember I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night, it was all dark around me and my ex-husband was asleep next to me. I felt something I never felt before passing within my body. I felt an intense energy starting at my root chakra and flowing through my whole body, first goingMeer lezen over “Spiritual awakening”

Amor incondicional

He tenido suficientes relaciones en esta vida y ahora basta de aceptar relaciones no saludables y destructivos. Desde ahora cambio mi perspectiva sobre las relaciones. En primer lugar, una relación saludable comienza con la relación que tengo conmigo mismo, respetándome a mí mismo, amándome a mí mismo y haciendo las cosas que amo hacer yMeer lezen over “Amor incondicional”

Unconditional love

I’ve had my fair share of relationships in this life and now I’m done with accepting unhealthy and destructive relationships. I am changing my perspective on relationships right now. First of all, a healthy relationship starts with the relationship I have with myself, respecting myself, loving myself and doing the things I love to doMeer lezen over “Unconditional love”

Learning languages

Recently someone asked me how many languages I speak and I told him I speak three languages fluently, Spanish, English and Dutch. Then I speak the basics of Thai and I understand everything of Fries, which is a native language from the province Friesland in the Netherlands, but I never learned to speak it. TheMeer lezen over “Learning languages”


Sometimes we are so worried to fit in society, to be part of a group and to belong somewhere that we do everything in our capabilities to not be ´that person´ that stays behind or is always left outside the group. We fear to be misunderstood if we show our emotions and our true feelingsMeer lezen over “Judgement”


On the way back in the airplane, I sat next to a friendly young man and we had an interesting conversation. He comes from Afghanistan but left his home country to find a better life and to study abroad. It is very clear that there are many problems in his homecountry and that actually, unlikeMeer lezen over “Balancing”

Spiritual path

A beautiful three weeks have come to an end. It’s finally time to go back home and I am completely ready for it. I’m very content with the experiences I’ve had in the last couple of weeks. It was a journey of personal growth, lessons, teachings and most important of all, spending time with family.Meer lezen over “Spiritual path”